Friday, June 13, 2008

What do you get?

What do you get with a school-type setting led by a male dean and a primarilly female student body including faculty? A very welcoming place for women, and not so much for men. I won't share the place's name, though after attempting two different characters at a certain role playing sim I can vouch for that previous statement. My first character was female, and those I spoke with and were around seemed friendly, interested, and truely concerned for the well being of my character. Character two was met with friendliness, but interest and concern were often left out of the experience. For those who take time to read this blog, please let me know what you think of that. If I'm way off base, and why, or if you've had or seen simular experiences.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A short word, for those few who keep up with my random and slow blogging ...

The only piece of music I have ever heard that has brought tears to my eyes ONLY by hearing the music, not by reading or watching something going along with it, is Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings op 11. Yes, it's classical, so what? Find the song, it's on YouTube, but don't watch the video, set it to going .. look away from the screen.. and just take it in and let your mind wander.. the real deal is over 10 minutes long, any 'remix' or what-not simply will not do.

If you take a listen as I suggested above, tell me of your experience here :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Funny Thoughts

Have any of you ever pulled up Google and searched for your Second Life Avi's name? I did just that and discovered firstly that Jess Patton is a Marvel Character in a Spiderman spinoff. She was host to 'The Thousand' .. a bad guy appearently.. I'm not a comicbook junky, never was too fond of Spiderman anyway.

Below that was the blog of a young woman (at least I assume she's younger then 25) from somewhere in Texas. Appearently I've picked a somewhat common name. Later on the first Google search page is this blog, then another blog in another language. Later still are several newspaper reports online containing tidbits about students named Jess Patton (boys and girls) from different parts of the nation. Even located one police report about a Jess Patton who reported her husband for domestic violence. I assume her married name is Patton.

It was wonderful fun for a few moments. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ahh for the old days again...

I have owned a parcel of land in Caledon Mayfair for quite some time now, those of you who know me in Caledon know this. It used to be that anywhere I went in Caledon a simple hello to another would strike up a short but enjoyable conversation. After doing just that a couple times today, and only in sleepy little Mayfair, my greetings weren't responded to so friendly if they were returned at all.

A rumor has been circulating that the growth in Caledon is due to people who don't really care for Victorian dress or lifestyle simply wishing to escape the mainland for whatever reason. Caledon won't have strip clubs or spinning obnoxious signs, but those were small bothers to me. The big bother for me on the mainland was the people. Curt, short, responses to questions or greetings if not blatently rude comments at my very presence.

It would seem that Caledon is socially becoming more like the mainland. Now, the dances and other events will still go on, but under all of that. In the social domain where two people share a friendly hello and a following conversation, it is there that I see the problem. Privacy is possible in Caledon, but not on the ground.

There's my rant, deal with it, comment as you like.

Friday, December 7, 2007

What do you think?

If you invite someone to a location for a visit and to explore that location on many occasions always to be met with objections or reasons why that person can't visit, would that disappoint you? If the same person invited you to whatever place he/she is in to hang out or explore in one way or another and even though your requests to have that person visit were refused you still go to that person, would you feel like you were being used or were on the short end of a one sided relationship? If that same person was found at the exact place you offered many times to show at the singular simple asking of another, how would that make you feel? Yes there is some jealousy in there but it's more complex. Even without the jealousy your heart would sink as the whole string of events would leave you feeling inferior to the other individual and to the singularly inviting person. If not inferior then at least infuriated. The places you find to explore or at which to hang out are not any less important then the places anyone else finds. It all stems from how others perceive you. If the above is true then that person doesn't think too highly of you regardless of how he/she says.

Now the arguments to this that may arise would be, perhaps the individual is busy. That could be, but a greater frequency of refusing to come to you lessens the chances and believability that the person is truely busy each and every time. The person could be busy with someone else. True, that is very likely, but how could that person uphold being so enamored with you while refusing to visit you at every turn even in the chance of being always busy. If the said person is enamored with you then he/she should be willing to spend time with you even without those whom he/she is also enamored.

This is a rant, it is my rant, comment as you see fit but I will not change it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let's try this.

As many of you may know I am in school in RL questing for a degree in English, writing. I prefer creative writing and I will share some stories here for anyone who wishes to see them. There will be one such story here. Just let me know what you think, or don't, at least let me know you are viewing this. PS: a shameless plug: My shops in Caledon will have some new merchandise after this semester is over.

Strange Code

Explosions shook the battered old brick building that first sergeant Peters and his men were using as a hideout. The occasional corporal or private peeked around the corner, sometimes popping off a rifle blast or two at the encroaching German threat only to turn back belt out the Panzer’s location over the sound of the incessant shelling. Over all of this the field radio beside the first sergeant crackled as a voice sputtered to come through.
“The… Peered… Broken…Pane, over!” cracked the voice in the radio like a slow record player on a locomotive. Peters picked up the radio and sat it in his lap, brought his lit cigarette to his lips and took a deep drag before picking up the receiver.
“Hey! Whoever you are, stop mouthin’ off in the radio! We’re gettin’ shelled pretty bad out here and would appreciate if you would send that air support you promised!” yelled the first sergeant, his cigarette dangling from his lips.
The dust and debris scattered all about the cracked floor beneath the soldiers jumped up then fell back down at a large explosion that toppled the building across the rubble filled French street from the men and fell again in nearly the same arrangement
“The rat peered through … pane! Over!” the voice came through a bit stronger.
“Whathafucks that supposed to mean?” Peters yells into the receiver.
“Moxie, Dimples, Jackson, Alowitz, go get that canister Jackson left out there!” Peters commands the four soldiers who jump up and make a crouched dash for cover.
“The rat peered through the broken window pane, over!” The voice came through so clear the first sergeant could hear the British accent laced within it. Peters just blinked and looked around himself. He turned to look out of the hole next to his head and saw the soft glint of broken class on the front of the menacing giant creaking ever closer to him and his men.
“The tank? Over!” he yelled into the receiver
“Whot? Take it out of you can, but... ahem... the rat peered through the broken window pane, over” came the British voice. He shrugged and stood upright, setting the radio down and jerking the long-rifle off of the downed Nazi sniper laying amidst the dust on the old wooden floor.
Peters shoved the business end of the sniper’s rifle out of the rocky hole, lined up the marks on the rifle with the shattered glass on the giant green beast and pressed back the trigger. He didn’t hear the shot but the immediate red spray from the beast was enough evidence. His heart jumped and he plunged three more shots into the beast. A loud hiss echoed through the streets as the Panzer trembled to a stop. The top hatch boomed open and two shaken Nazi soldiers climbed out in time to become quick targets. Peter’s men had gathered the canister and cheered when the panzer and its crew were finally stopped. Nothing more was heard out of the British voice through the radio.

Alright, a test

If anyone out there on earth is reading this please let me know, if enough of you are seeing what i'm posting I will do what I can to keep it up. If you aren't reading this then you aren't seeing this and this sentence is pointless. Happy Holidays to all of you.